International Women’s Day – celebrating amazing women in music Part 2

“It’s like rewriting in my own head all these assumptions that I made…finding my own place, as a woman and as a performer.”

Rebecca Hardwick

International Women’s Day this year seemed to bring even more of an outpouring and support and solidarity with and for women everywhere. It has been so striking that Katie has dedicated her micropodcast episode this week to talking about this global coming together and celebration.

At Music Works we are continuing our own celebration of the amazing women we’ve welcomed on the podcast since we first went live on 26 September last year.

Naomi Pohl of the Musicians’ Union joined us in Season One Episode 13 to describe how their Safe Space facility is helping victims of sexual harassment.

Noami came back to join Julia Rowan of The Ivors Academy for a critical look at the complexities of the royalties artists receive from the streaming of their music. You can listen to this episode here.

Harriet Wybor of PRS for Music opened Season Two with a great episode on the ins and outs of performing rights.

Recent graduates Anna Kent and Rebecca Milford spoke to us about their experiences leaving university and the conservatoire & entering the professional world of the classical music industry. You can find this episode here.

We round up today’s post as we began: with soprano, Rebecca Hardwick, who shared her interest in contemporary music and how, when Covid shut down live music, her explorations of Kurtag’s Kafka Fragments led her to take up a DMus in contemporary performance at The Guildhall.

Keep following us for when we bring you our final round up of Music Works’s International Women’s Day Hall of Fame!

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