‘Become your own agent’ is back!

Booking is now open for ‘Become Your Own Agent’, our online course which helps musicians take their careers to the next level. The courses are available from 3 March 2020.

Are you a professional musician without an agent? You’ll know promoting yourself and getting noticed by the right people is often a huge challenge, no matter what stage your career is at.

The industry is also changing rapidly, so many of the old rules and conventions no longer apply. With digital, social media, limits on time, and many other people competing in the same space, there’s more to do than ever.

Here’s where I can help, creating an agent who knows you best: You!

I’ll help you learn all the tools and tricks of the trade so you can promote yourself and your work to the venues, promoters, broadcasters and festivals that you want to reach.

You’ll also have the option to join our Facebook community, exclusively for Polyphony Arts online course participants, to connect with other music professionals and share advice, challenges and successes with them.

The course will teach you to:

  • Get more performances/commissions
  • Achieve your ideal fees
  • Attract work offers from higher profile venues and artists
  • Boost your profile in the industry
  • Build a list of useful contacts
  • Get the best out of your network
  • Tackle imposter syndrome and other barriers to promoting yourself

Participants on the last course said:

“Incredibly insightful to see things from the point of view of the promoter”

“You inspire confidence and your approach is encouraging”

The course is available in two forms – with weekly tasks and feedback, if you like deadlines and want to see results in four weeks (course starts Tuesday 3 March 2020), or self-paced, if you need to spread the work and the cost over time.

Details of the course with feedback and deadlines

Details of the self-paced course with payment plan option

Undecided? Visit our Services and Courses page to compare the two options and decide what is right for you. Or, email us with any questions.

We’d love you to join us on one of our courses!


We are very excited to welcome Duo Tandem (Necati Emirzade and Mark Anderson) to Polyphony Arts’ performers! The instrumental guitar duo, with an emphasis on story-telling through music, has been hailed as “trad[ing] musical ideas back and forth so effortlessly” by Classical Guitar Magazine and described as “pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on classical guitars,” by Minor7th.

Their shared artistic vision blends their distinct, individual cultural backgrounds into a unique, combined musical voice. The duo formed in 2012, while studying at the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Since then, the ensemble captivated audiences with performances across both the United States as well as Europe. Recent engagements include their album “Watching the World Go By”, chosen by Blair Jackson (editor of Classical Guitar Magazine) as a top-ten 2018 album. In 2020, Duo Tandem will release a further album on the Naxos label, and will include the Cypriot composer Kemal Belevi.

You can read more about Duo Tandem here: https://polyphonyarts.com/duo-tandem/

It’s wonderful to have you with us!

Musicians: how does marketing yourself make you feel?

Do you know how to get the work you deserve? Are you confident finding performance opportunities, commissions, appropriate fees, good venues, recording contracts?

I’m Katie Beardsworth, director and founder of the Polyphony Arts agency representing a diverse client base of classical musicians, and I’m offering a bespoke online course – Become Your Own Agent – to help musicians like you acquire the skills and confidence to build a professional portfolio.

In four weeks, I will show you how the music industry works, teach you the best ways to promote yourself and your work, and provide advice on how to tackle the kind of challenges you will face such as fee discrepancies and imposter syndrome.

Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience as a professional musician, this is the course to help you achieve the career you aspire to and deserve.

The first course starts on 4 November, and there is a discount! Read more, and sign up: