PIVA: The Renaissance Collective

Eric Moulder | David Jarratt-Knock | Tony Millyard | Jude Rees | Jane Moulder| Kate Moran | Mary Mohan

Artist Managers: Caroline Slade & María Cecilia Ayalde Ángel 

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“Piva perform with style and panache”- fRoots Magazine.

Across two decades, PIVA – The Renaissance Collective have established themselves as one of the leading early music ensembles in the United Kingdom. PIVA specialises in popular dance and 16th century ballad music, adding their own fresh, earthy and innovative approach. This results in lively and engaging performances, suitable for all audiences. The musicians have wide and diverse musical backgrounds and between them they have experience in playing renaissance, classical, baroque, folk and roots music. They bring all of these diverse musical influences together and fuse them with their knowledge of renaissance music and instruments. All the members of the group are multi-instrumentalists, playing a range of instruments such as hurdy gurdies, recorders, bagpipes, shawms, curtals, violins, viols, guitars, crumhorns and rauschpfeife.  

The name PIVA originates from the north east of Italy. It has various meanings but they are all connected with music. A “piva” can be a 15th century dance, the music for the dance, a small traditional shawm, a reed for the shawm, and it’s also a northern Italian bagpipe. All in all, it’s about music, dancing and having a good time – it reflects the group’s music, instruments and approach.


Celebrate PIVA’s 20th anniversary celebrations in 2022-23! Contact us for their current programmes, or browse a sample list of programmes below. Music choices can be tailored to suit a specific event, and the group are constantly researching and developing new pieces for their repertoire.


In addition to their captivating concert programmes, two of PIVA’s founding members (Eric and Jane) also deliver interesting and lively talks about instruments and how they were made in the 16th century. These events are suitable for museums, history societies, arts clubs, festivals, anniversaries, among others.


Heigh Ho holiday

English Dance and Ballad Music from the Renaissance.

“A joyous reclamation of Elizabethan repertoire, PIVA are clearly having sheer good fun.” Early Music Today

“This is a must-have album because it contains great tunes played well, while bringing to life the roots of the English traditional dance music that we know and love.” fRoots Magazine


Italian Dance and Song Music from the Renaissance.

“A wonderfully conceived and executed disc of Italian Renaissance songs and dances”

“Anyone who loves early music has to have this CD in their collection. Seriously.”

“Beautifully played, great packaging and stunningly well recorded”.


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