Looking to get some media coverage as a musician or arts organisation? Send us your press release and we will perfect it for you.

Getting your message right can make the difference between getting picked up in print and/or broadcast media or ending up in the editor’s reject pile.

Our experienced team at Polyphony Arts can help!

All you have to do is send us your copy and we will review it, provide advice and suggest any amendments necessary to turn it into the perfect press release.

How it works

  1. Book in via the button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Read the ‘Perfect Press Release‘ blog post.
  3. Watch the video below; the blog post and video contain the information you need to start your press release. If you’ve read and watched these first, you will be able to send us the best possible press release, and we can send you the best possible feedback!
  4. Email us your material and we will turn it round with our feedback within three working days.

Get Your Press Release Perfected

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