Online course: Become your own agent (With Feedback)

Are you a professional musician without an agent? You’ll know promoting yourself and getting noticed by the right people is often a huge challenge, no matter what stage your career is at.

The industry is also changing rapidly, so many of the old rules and conventions no longer apply. With digital, social media, limits on time, and many other people competing in the same space, there’s more to do than ever.

Here’s where I can help, creating an agent who knows you best: You!

Over four weeks, I’ll help you learn all the tools and tricks of the trade so you can promote yourself and your work to the venues, promoters, broadcasters and festivals that you want to reach.

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The course will teach you to:

  • Get more performances/commissions
  • Achieve your ideal fees
  • Attract work offers from higher profile venues and artists
  • Boost your profile in the industry
  • Build a list of useful contacts
  • Get the best out of your network
  • Tackle imposter syndrome and other barriers to promoting yourself

who am i?

I’m Katie Beardsworth, a classical music agent, artistic director and project manager with over a decade of experience in working in the arts.

I work as an agent for a wide range of artists and projects, and I also work in artistic planning, giving me experience on both sides.

After years of receiving pitches from hundreds of artists per year, both direct and via agents, I have a great understanding of the most effective way to get your work noticed. This course will work for you whether you perform regularly or not; are experienced or just embarking on professional music-making.


Module 1: Creating and fine-tuning your publicity material: what you put out there; finding the right voice to promote your work

Module 2: Getting the word out: how you get your work out there; how to make the best use of your network; how to expand your network

Module 3: Follow-ups and responses: what to do next; how to stand out from the crowd

Module 4: Maximising your value as an artist: how to pitch and negotiate fees; how to get the best possible value from every performance; and overcoming any misgivings or imposter syndrome.

At the end of the course, you will have:

  • Written and/or fine-tuned your ideal marketing material
  • Planned how you will distribute it
  • Planned how to get the most out of your existing network and any upcoming performances
  • Considered how you feel about selling your work and any practical or emotional barriers that you face when promoting yourself.
  • Access to a closed Facebook group especially for course participants to network, share their work and discuss their marketing challenges and successes.

how it will work

The course starts on Tuesday 1st September 2020 and takes 4 weeks to complete; one module per week. Each Tuesday, the next week’s materials will be released, and you will be given advice to read and tasks to complete.

The deadline for each week’s task will be 11am Friday, for feedback the following week. You will be given access to the course materials to download and keep, so it is possible to do the course over a longer time, but I cannot guarantee feedback outside of these deadlines (if this is a problem for you, do get in touch).

Join the course

The cost of the course is £300. Join now, and take your career to the next level.

Please Note: this is a four week course with feedback, starting on 1 September 2020. If you want to take the self-paced version of the course, that does not include any feedback, and is available for you to work through in your own time: click here

Sign up to this course now: £300

If you have any questions or want more information about the course, please email me or fill out the form on our contact page.

The information contained in this course is intended only for the course participants. Please do not reproduce or redistribute any of the above materials. Copyright © 2019 onwards Katie Beardsworth