Outstanding online concerts with Virtual Concert Halls & Polyphony Arts

At Polyphony Arts we are thrilled to be partnering with Virtual Concert Halls to bring you an online concert production service like no other.

Devised by professional musicians, the Virtual Concert Halls platform is celebrated by award-winning musicians across the globe as a one-of-a-kind platform that provides a truly magical live music experience – online.

This video shows the mission of Virtual Concert Halls – to provide outstanding live events online.

Perfect for live streaming events from any venue, with or without an audience in the space.

Each event is bespoke and will require a quote based on your exact requirements. However, you can find a summary of who we are and what we do here.

No two events are the same, so do get in touch to talk through your specific event.

Why you need us

You want to continue to provide music to your audiences, donors, partners and other stakeholders.​

In-person events are at risk until Covid-19 restrictions are more predictable and/or there is a vaccine.​

The music industry is adapting to include more online events; whilst in-person events will always be highly valuable to audiences and artists alike, the industry has changed to embrace online events, and we believe this change is permanent and is also for the good of the industry.​

By digitally streaming your events, you have the option of presenting them with or without a live audience, thus protecting them from the unpredictable circumstances we are in.​

You can engage with audiences all over the world.​

You can engage with audiences who would not come to in-person events, perhaps due to disabilities, caring responsibilities, or other personal circumstances. ​

We will provide you with the expertise and support you need to present slick, engaging, rewarding online events.​

We will support your collaborators and audiences, and ensure they have an outstanding experience. ​

At these links you can read testimonials and see previous live broadcasts.

Our approach to online events

Since March 2020, the digital space has been flooded with online concerts. The quality and use of these concerts has varied greatly. ​

Now, we believe that live streamed concerts are a permanent part of the classical music industry, and that this is a valuable development that music organisations can embrace to help them thrive. ​

Our approach, which sets us apart from other providers of digital events, is to focus on live-streamed rather than pre-recorded events.​

The live experience – creating and experiencing something in the moment – is at the forefront of our approach. ​

The magic of music is in the immediate experience. The connection between artist and audience.​

Polyphony Arts and Virtual Concert Halls have teamed up to make presenting live streamed events feel easy for music organisations. This brochure outlines what you need to know, but we know this is complex and we encourage you to book a discovery call to talk to us about your specific requirements.

About us

Virtual Concert Halls was created by four professional musicians of world-class standing, in March 2020. We have quickly become leaders in the online music industry. ​

Polyphony Arts is an arts management organisation based in the UK, operating worldwide. We stand for equality, diversity and inclusivity in music, and have over a decade’s experience of producing exceptional classical music events and festivals.​

Our organisations share a vision of supporting performers, organisations and audiences through the current pandemic, and safeguarding our beloved classical music industry for the future, through embracing the benefits and possibilities created by digital performance.​

Together, we provide the perfect combination of organisational and technical management, to help music organisations like you transition into the new classical music world.

Next steps

  • Book a discovery call: katie@polyphonyarts.com
  • Check out our brochure.
  • On the call, we will discuss your vision and requirements.​
  • We will then provide a detailed proposal and quote for your specific circumstances.​
  • We are happy to meet with boards or committees to help with decision-making.​
  • If you decide to go ahead, we will advise on the next steps. ​
  • We will support you, your collaborators and your audiences throughout the process.