Nina Danon – Composer

Nina Danon - Composer

“We are surrounded by a new dimension in which everything is magical and, at the same time, everything is possible.” 

La Stampa

Nina is a Franco-Italian composer and sound artist based in London, where she teaches composition and arranging at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute.

She excels at writing strong memorable melodies, arranging music to tell a story, and finding connections between ideas to come up with imaginative solutions.

Nina’s music allows her to explore her identity as a mother, a woman and a multicultural artist. She specialises in site-specific projects exploring the link between music and the natural world, and projects empowering women and marginalised communities. 

Recent clients and collaborators include Psappha Ensemble, Illuminate Women’s Music, The Schneiberg Museum and The MAO Museum of Oriental Art of Turin.

The climate emergency is a cause Nina is particularly passionate about. The central idea of the body of work she is currently producing is that, by experiencing (and, crucially, by being an active part of) the natural world through art, we get to empathise with it, gaining a sense of connection, of understanding.

Nina is currently researching how our tactile perception of sounds can enhance our emotional understanding of cetaceans, and is actively looking for projects and collaborations to expand this investigation.

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Nina Danon - Composer

Selected Compositions

The Dragon and the Golden Flower – Nina Danon

In this exhibition from 2015, presenting silk and metal carpets from the Qing dynasty at the Museum of Oriental Art of Turin, perfumes, videos and music merged to immerse the audience in the fascinating universe of these artifacts.

Textures, rhythms and movements inspired by the complex symbolism and the history of the exhibited work were used to create correspondences between the various art forms, shaping sonic landscapes and visual harmonies and creating an immersive multi-sensory experience.

The Caress of the Sea and Aquatic Dance – Nina Danon

Commissioned by Illuminate Women’s Music, this set of two pieces for saxophone and piano received its digital premiere in 2020 performed by Naomi Sullivan and Yshani Perinpanayagam, and received its live premiere in late 2021 performed by Naomi Sullivan and Kumi Matsuo.

Inspired by a variety of oceanic sounds and textures, from orca and humpback whales vocalisations to dense, viscous and salty waters, the music explores the dynamic and fast changing landscapes of our planet’s oceans and is inspired by the following quote: 

“We believe that, as a pod, [the sperm whales] caress and touch each other at short distances using acoustics. They emit very strong and heavy sounds, which vibrate inside the others like a deep caress, and that is how they display affection.”  Hervé Glotin, as quoted in David Cox’s ‘The People Who Dive With Whales That Could Eat Them Alive’, BBC, 7 December 2016. 

Mi Hijo Mi Avuela – Nina Danon

Mi Hijo Mi Avuela was composed as part of Psappha’s Composing For Eastern European Clarinets scheme in 2018-19, and was recorded and premiered by Dov Goldberg. This piece for Clarinet in G is inspired by the story of Nina’s grandmother who, as a young Jewish girl during the Second World War, crossed Nazi- occupied Europe by train with her family to find salvation in Turkey.

It explores the way a memory can be transmitted through generations, without the need for words. It will lay dormant into our subconscious mind, waiting for a sparkle to awaken it and push it all the way to the surface of our consciousness where, for a moment only, past and present will become one.

Pioggia Nel Vigneto (Rain in the Vineyard) – Nina Danon

Commissioned by the Zeni Winery and Wine Museum (Bardolino, Italy) in 2017, this composition is part of an interactive multi-sensory installation in which the audience has to identify a number of perfumes and tastes by smelling and touching objects.

The experience culminates with the tasting of two wines, in which the audience will be able to recognise the perfumes and tastes from the installation.

The music here was influenced by research from the Oxford Crossmodal Research Laboratory, using specific frequencies, timbres and harmonies to enhance the perfumes and tastes from the experience. It also functions as a narrative device, setting the right mood and pace for the activity and immersing the audience in the world of the installation.

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