Nina Danon: Composer
Nina Danon: Composer

Polyphony Arts is delighted to welcome the impassioned composer and artist Nina Danon.

Nina is a Franco-Italian composer and sound artist based in London, where she teaches composition and arranging at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute.

She excels at writing strong memorable melodies, arranging music to tell a story, and finding connections between ideas to come up with imaginative solutions.

Nina’s music allows her to explore her identity as a mother, a woman and a multicultural artist. She specialises in site-specific projects exploring the link between music and the natural world, and projects empowering women and marginalised communities. 

The climate emergency is a cause Nina is particularly passionate about. The central idea of the body of work she is currently producing is that, by experiencing (and, crucially, by being an active part of) the natural world through art, we get to empathise with it, gaining a sense of connection, of understanding.

Nina is currently researching how our tactile perception of sounds can enhance our emotional understanding of cetaceans, and is actively looking for projects and collaborations to expand this investigation.

To find out more about Nina and hear samples of her music, click here

Welcome Nina!

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