Beardsworth Arts is becoming Polyphony Arts – and here’s why

Katie Beardsworth, founder of Polyphony Arts

Beardsworth Arts is becoming Polyphony Arts, and here’s why.

Polyphony is about voices blending together and separate parts making something bigger and more harmonious. Beardsworth Arts started as one idea and one voice in a busy industry. In just 18 months it has grown into something much bigger than ever we first thought, with many other weaving parts.

I love the polyphony analogy because musicians today experience complex, multi-faceted professional lives which need to combine with personal lives and family. Creating harmony from the various strands of life is something we all aspire to.

As our work develops, our core values have become clear:  we are all about clarity, inclusivity, flexibility, and making life and work be the best it can possibly be.

Polyphony and these complex, interweaving lines is a value. Here’s how we live it:

  1. We help musicians deliver, develop and market their projects and programmes, giving them the practical support they need to allow them to focus on their artistic work. This gives our artists the space for what interest them most, and allows them to see their work come to fruition in the best possible way.
  2. We specialise in planning and delivering classical music projects – festivals, concert series, organisational advice, and more – that are inclusive, accessible, sustainable in today’s arts climate, and bring audiences, musicians and communities together.
  3. We live and work by our values; I started the company in order to allow myself to pursue the work I find the most rewarding, in a way that gives me the best possible work/life balance with my young family. Our team is fully flexible, allowing the members of the team to have this work as part of their lives in the way that works best for them. As a talented team of musicians with multi-strand careers, we are experiencing the life and work challenges that our clients do, and this allows us to provide outstanding support to them.

Tell us your project and programme ideas, challenges and dreams, and Polyphony Arts will bring it together for you.

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