Mediatracks under new ownership

British independent production music company Mediatracks Music Ltd (Mediatracks) is passing to the new ownership of an experienced father-and-son team from 3 September 2021. 

Prominent composer and performer Steve Johnson set up Mediatracks in 1996. Fundamental to its success was the personal relationship between Steve and his wife Wendy, and the 80-90 composers who provided music to the collection. 

Steve and Wendy Johnson

Since Steve’s death in 2019, Wendy has maintained the business with the help of media consultant Dean Mahoney. This included sustaining the all-important personal relationships with the writers, many of whom have been with the company since its formation 25 years ago. These writers remain of vital importance to the company. Wendy now feels it is time to move the business forward by selling it on, and she and the new owners are united in wanting to continue the family-owned ethos established by Steve. 

“Steve was a lifelong musician with a passion for music which he brought into the business. The success of the company is due to his hard work, knowledge of the industry and his cherished relationships with the writers.   I am so happy that the new owners are a family team with a love for music, and will carry it on into the future with the same dedication and warmth that Steve brought to it throughout its first 25 years. 

“I am so grateful to Dean Mahoney who whilst running the business since Steve’s death, has not only maintained the high standard of the library but also developed it further, enhancing the work previously carried out.” – Wendy Johnson

The new owners are Andrew and William Saunders, a father and son team. Andrew is a business leader with experience developing multi-million pound businesses. He will lead on strategic development for Mediatracks. William’s experience is as a professional musician, music consultant, and as Director of Music of a large independent boarding school with a distinguished music tradition. He will bring his creative and innovative approach as well as his musical knowledge and experience. 

Andrew and William Saunders said: 

“We are very excited to be taking on Mediatracks which has so much musical heritage created by Steve Johnson. Wendy has continued this work over the last two years, and we are looking forward to building on Mediatracks reputation for producing high quality music from its excellent group of writers and composers for a wide range of global customers to meet their specific requirements.”

For further information please contact Katie Beardsworth of Polyphony Arts:


We are thrilled to welcome Ellie Bowers-Jolley as Polyphony Arts’ Opera Consultant!

Ellie brings to Polyphony Arts a wealth of experience as a freelance Lyric Soprano, Fixer, Opera Chorus Manager, Audition Panelist, Vocal Coach, Adjudicator and Arts Administrator. Elenor is also Creative Director of the Come and Sing Company, who pride themselves on bringing group singing and opera to diverse communities.

Ellie is an active performer, and has performed as soloist for The Monteverdi Choir, The Kings Consort and Capilla Cayrasco. Ellie is also a member of Metro Voices, London Voices, La Nuova Musica, The Audio Network Choir, and is a founder member of the Arkell Ensemble.

You can find out more about Ellie here.

It’s a pleasure to have you with us, Ellie!


We are very excited to welcome the Marsyas Trio (flautist Helen Vidovich, cellist Val Welbanks and pianist Olga Stezhko) to Polyphony Arts’ performers! The London-based trio was formed in 2009 by graduates of the Royal Academy of Music, and is the UK’s leading flute, cello and piano ensemble. Showcasing a hugely diverse repertoire from the Classical and Romantic eras to the present day, the Marsyas Trio’s programming illuminates forgotten masterpieces, whilst inspiring a generation of new works.

Audiences around the world have been captivated by compelling narratives within programmes, whose themes varied from historical women composers and Suffrage to the reimagining of the history of humankind in the cross-art project Shadows of Time. The Marsyas Trio’s CD A Triple Portrait (Meridian Records 2015), featured chamber works by the formerly blacklisted Russian émigré Elena Firsova, in celebration of her 25 years in the UK, and their latest CD In the Theatre of Air (NMC Recordings 2018), debuted at No. 7 on the classical charts.

You can read more about the Marsyas Trio here

It’s wonderful to have you with us!