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Music Works is an exciting, fresh classical music podcast for the music industry. Host Katie Manasse looks at how the industry works today, and explores how it can work better in the future, both for those of us who work in the music sector and the audiences who support us.

“Insights, tips and reflections from some of the sharpest minds in the classical music business.”

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Why did we start Music Works?

We have worked in the classical music industry for our whole careers and love it! We love the people in it, and we love the work that we do. But, when you work in an industry so closely you can’t help but become aware of the unfairnesses and the problems that exist within it.

Since COVID-19 and lockdown happened, those problems with the industry have come more and more to the fore. We’ve seen how fragile a musician’s income can be. We’ve seen how fragile music organizations can be. And with the Music Works podcast, we want to change that.