Music Works: an exciting new podcast for the classical music industry

Polyphony Arts is pleased to announce the launch of their new podcast: Music Works which looks at the classical music industry, how it works today, and explores how it can work better in the future.

The podcast is a natural extension of the vision of Polyphony Arts founder, Katie Beardsworth, who has been a long term campaigner for better work life balances for musicians and improved working conditions across the industry.

Now, since COVID-19 has brought lock down and effectively put a stop to performing arts everywhere, problems inherent in the industry have come more and more to the fore. In response to which Music Works offers a forum for everyone who cares about the arts, whether as a music professional, funder, policy maker or music lover, to express their thoughts, suggestions and personal experiences.

Katie explains her thinking behind the podcast:

“We’ve seen how fragile a musician’s income can be. We’ve seen how fragile music organizations can be, and I want to change that. So I’ve started Music Works with a view to having important, forward thinking discussions around the classical music industry as it is now and how it will work in the future.”

In the first episode the team at Polyphony Arts share their thoughts in an informal manifesto for the classical music industry going forward.

Upcoming episodes include conversations with composers and perfomers such as Ella Jarman-Pinto and bassoonist Fraser Gordon who both discuss the importance of belonging for people who may feel excluded because of their race, gender or social class; business leaders like Jessica Fearnley; and policy strategists such as Ben Cooper, author of the latest report from the Fabian Society “Cultured Communities” on the importance of the arts in society and how to improve our current funding models.

“We can’t just look at artistic content or individual experience unless it goes to helping us explain and develop our thinking on how to improve our sector and build sustainability through improved models,” Katie concludes. “We need a holistic, not a fragmented approach and that’s what Music Works is designed to promote. Musicians work through cooperation and collaboration; this podcast is all about that and more.”

You can find the podcast on the Polyphony Arts website and YouTube channel, social media and soon to appear on all major podcast apps such as Apple and Spotify.

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