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MediaTracks is a family-run independent production label, supplying authentic and innovative music to the worlds of TV, film, and advertising for over 25 years.

What makes mediatracks different?

MediaTracks has been doing things differently for 25 years. They’re artist-centred, building strong relationships with each composer who works with them. They’re passionate about developing young and diverse talent through their collaborations and mentoring schemes, and championing voices which are under-represented in the music industry. They’re an independent, family-owned production label – but we operate on a global scale. MediaTracks is represented around the world by an impressive collection of sub-publishers, and they produce high quality tracks covering choral and vocal, pop and dance, and world music.

MT Labels and curators

MediaTracks supports audiences and composers from a wide range of genres, which is why it is split into five labels, each with a clear and unique focus and curator:

  • MT Heritage: Classic MediaTracks content from the past 25 years. Tried and tested, timeless tracks.
  • MT Vocal: Unique choral and vocal arrangements, classical or modern, recorded by top quality choirs.
  • MT World: Authentic music in traditional styles from across the globe. Engaging and immediate.
  • MT Records: Showcase label for new and emerging talent, a place for the newest pop and indie sounds.
  • MT Electronic: Pulsating beats and electronic soundscapes for the dance floor and beyond.


Take a look at MediaTrack’s catalogue here.


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For enquiries or further information about MediaTracks, please email Maria Ayalde, Artist and Project Manager.