Chris Green & Sophie Matthews: Folk Duo

Artist Managers: Caroline Slade & María Cecilia Ayalde Ángel 

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GreenMatthews is a modern-day ballad and folk duo, who specialise in story-telling through songs. Chris Green and Sophie Matthews adapt traditional English songs and tunes, adding a remarkable 21st century style. Although their music is rooted in the past, their performances are exciting and accessible for a 21st century audience. GreenMatthews take their cue from the ancient troubadour tradition, meaning they are wandering players who tour their self-created shows throughout the world. As a modern ensemble that evokes the past, they play a unique blend of ancient instruments (including cittern, English border bagpipes and shawm) and modern folk instruments (including guitar, flute, piano and accordion). This captivating and distinctive mixture makes their shows fresh, relevant and exciting for contemporary audiences both young and old. 

In addition to their instrumental prowess, GreenMatthews also blends incisive wit and humour with a genuine love for the English folk tradition. They have built up an enviable reputation that has allowed them to tour their themed shows extensively. Some of their performances include 18th century ballads and dance tunes – several of which have been unearthed by Chris from various libraries around the country. Alongside these “forgotten” pieces, their repertoire also includes original songs. These display their rich historical and cultural knowledge, through a witty and well-painted depiction of England’s past. 

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Themed Shows

A Brief History of Music

This show takes in 600 years of musical history in 90 minutes. Beginning in the Middle Ages and ending up in the 20th century (and incorporating everything in between!) this fun and fast-moving show is a whistle-stop tour of Western musical history.

THE Wind in the Willows

A brand new sung adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s well-loved classic by Chris Green. GreenMatthews use music, song, light and sound to bring this timeless tale to sparkling life. The Wind in the Willows is the perfect soundtrack to summer – vivacious, sparkling and full of life.

Folk Duo

GreenMatthews’ genuine love for the English tradition is embodied in their folk duo performances. They combine wit and humour with their extraordinary wealth of historical research in order to paint a fascinating picture of individual lives in ancient England. They present a variety of original pieces alongside 18th century ballads and dance tunes, some of which have not been played in over two centuries!

musical talks

In addition to their dynamic touring shows, Sophie Matthews is also an accredited Arts Society lecturer offering talks based around the instruments, genre and historical context behind their performances. Some of these talks include “Music in Art“, “Meet the Instruments”, “The Long 18th Century” and “Shakespeare’s Music”. Contact us for a full description of these lectures, or to discuss a suitable talk for your event.



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