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a magical blend that is no longer any one style, but instead a new and exciting polyglot.Classical Guitar Magazine

Mark Anderson and Necati Emirzade

Featuring Necati Emirzade and Mark Anderson, Duo Tandem is an instrumental guitar duo with an emphasis on story-telling through music which has captivated audiences with performances throughout the United States and Europe.

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Sample Programme

Before You Wake – Duo Tandem

Yeşil Şiir – Duo Tandem

Cyprian Rhapsodies – Kemal Belevi

Schubert Impromptus, Op. 90 – Franz Schubert


John Henry – Duo Tandem

Turkish Suite – Kemal Belevi

Four Hypnosis – Garrett Ian Shazter

Suite Chypre – Kemal Belevi

Tuscany Scenes – Renaud Côté-Giguère

Other repertoire

Watching The World Go By – Duo Tandem

Don’t Shut Your Eyes! – Duo Tandem

Do You Hear It Calling – Duo Tandem

Romance – Kemal Belevi

Two Valses – Kemal Belevi

Three Fragments – Kemal Belevi

Up! – Grant Ferris

Suite Retratos – Radames Gnattali

Two Pieces by Jobim – Antônio Carlos Jobim

Four Postcards – David Gottlieb

Romance sans paroles, Op. 12 – Louis Durey


Emirzade and Anderson formed Duo Tandem in 2012 while studying together at the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music. In a union of two distinctive cultural backgrounds – Necati’s roots lie in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus while Mark’s home is Chicago – their shared artistic vision blends these influences into a unique musical voice.

Collaborating with composers as well as writing for themselves, they have compiled a far-reaching oeuvre of new music based on Old and New World stories and imagery .

Duo Tandem released its first album Sans Paroles, in 2015, and in 2018 they followed it with Watching the World Go By which was chosen as a ‘top 10’ album of 2018 by the editor of Classical Guitar Magazine, Blair Jackson.

John Henry’ is an original composition based on the story of the American folk hero who worked as a steel-driver in the 1870’s. “We tried to tell the story without words. The ring of the hammer is echoed in driving, percussive strikes throughout the piece, with the energy building to a climax. When the dust settles, the melody is retold first in celebration of John Henry’s victory, but then again in sorrow over his death.” Mark Anderson

In 2020 they will release an album of the guitar duo music of Cypriot composer Kemal Belevi on the Naxos label. Necati Emirzade, who grew up embedded in this music, explains how both he and Mark were irresistibly drawn to the way in which compositions, which Belevi grounds in popular Cypriot melodies, are reimagined within the sound world of classical composition.

“It is my love of that heritage, and Belevi’s skilful and moving recreation of its music, that lies at the heart of why, for us, this is such an important and exciting album.”

Our first signature composition ‘Yeşil Şiir’ is based on the poem of the same title by the famous Turkish poet Can Yucel. This example of picturesque collaboration between music and poetry informs the entire composition and brings the listener into the our world.Necati Ermizade

As well as blending music from different cultural traditions, Duo Tandem also experiment with incorporating other art forms in their work. They have used contemporary dance choreography in their video recordings and live painting during their concert performances.

Duo Tandem were honoured to perform before President Mustafa Akinci and a sold out crowd at the historic Bellapais Abbey in North Cyprus.

This album goes to some really interesting and compelling places, so keep an open mind and prepare to be transported!Blair Jackson, Classical Guitar Magazine (2018)


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