Covid-19 Advice and support for musicians

how we can help you?

Being a musician can feel precarious at the best of times. The recent coronavirus pandemic has almost halted the industry with the world in lockdown. We’re seeing venues closed, events cancelled and incomes disappearing.

At Polyphony Arts we want to offer you resources to help you as musicians during this time. We have a range of online professional development courses for all budgets. We’ll also continue to host Q&As with industry experts on our Facebook page and publish blogs – free to access.

If you need bespoke advice, we offer Polyphony Arts membership on a monthly subscription basis. We can help with those tricky moments and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

If you want to escape from it all, the wonderful Margaret Pinder hosts her weekly comedy Facebook Live Going Viral. Grab a glass of wine, and join us on the Polyphony Arts Facebook page every Wednesday evening.

Disclaimer: there are many many ways that musicians need support during Covid-19 and this web page is not designed to cover all of them. There is a great deal of useful advice and support on the Musicians’ Union website, amongst many others.