Polyphony Arts is delighted to be working with a new, exciting company: The Come and Sing Company (CASC)! CASC brings people together in song, with the aim of creating tailor-made musical workshops and events to help people connect through music. To deliver this, CASC’s exceptional team of performers, conductors, workshop leaders (and more!) share decades of musical experience.

Co-founded by Tom Appleton and Elenor Bowers-Jolley, CASC’s clients include the National Trust, Silver Spoon, Wexford Mental Health Association, Snape Maltings, the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Wellington College, among many others. With Norfolk Music Hub (NMHub), CASC brought 27 primary schools together in a fusion of Norfolk folksongs and the music of South Asia. Among the numerous projects, a partnership with Arts and Gardens (supported by the National Trust) gave rise to ‘Lyveden New Bield–A Secret Concert’ and ‘Come and Sing in Secret’, with the aim of making a visitor’s experience closer to founder Thomas Tresham’s original vision for the site, whilst better connecting with the local, regional and national audience.

CASC led a number of other events, such as choral workshops for adult choirs, vocal and conducting technique CPD sessions for teachers, prep school choral days, come and sing Disney/musicals, health and wellbeing sessions, and many teambuilding days for businesses.

You can read more about CASC here: https://polyphonyarts.com/come-and-sing/

A pleasure to have you with us, The Come and Sing Company!


Edward Cowie: Composer

Polyphony Arts is thrilled to welcome composer and all-round artist Edward Cowie! Described as ‘one of the most distinctive musical minds of our time’ (Observer), Cowie’s music frequently fuses his rich knowledge and interest in science, nature and the visual arts. Many of his works are preceded by pre-compositional drawings—many of which have been presented in numerous public exhibitions; in addition, studies and collaborations with leading physicists led to a body of new works that directly translate scientific theory and experiment into music.

Edward Cowie has been a composer in Association with the BBC Singers (2003-5), and the first Artist in Residence with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Among Edward’s prestigious successes as a composer, his numerous awards include a Gulbenkian Award to study at The Royal Ballet, The Radcliffe International Composer’s Prize and a Chopin Fellowship to study with Lutosławski in Poland. His work for television has included a major film on Edward Lear for Granada TV, and his acclaimed BBCTV2 film ‘Leonardo of 1986’. As an academic, Edward has held major professorships in two Australian and one British University; his reputation continues to grow worldwide, and new CDs emerge with high praise and appreciation.

You can read more about Edward’s work here: https://polyphonyarts.com/edward-cowie/

What a privilege to have you with us, Edward!


We are very excited to welcome Duo Tandem (Necati Emirzade and Mark Anderson) to Polyphony Arts’ performers! The instrumental guitar duo, with an emphasis on story-telling through music, has been hailed as “trad[ing] musical ideas back and forth so effortlessly” by Classical Guitar Magazine and described as “pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on classical guitars,” by Minor7th.

Their shared artistic vision blends their distinct, individual cultural backgrounds into a unique, combined musical voice. The duo formed in 2012, while studying at the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Since then, the ensemble captivated audiences with performances across both the United States as well as Europe. Recent engagements include their album “Watching the World Go By”, chosen by Blair Jackson (editor of Classical Guitar Magazine) as a top-ten 2018 album. In 2020, Duo Tandem will release a further album on the Naxos label, and will include the Cypriot composer Kemal Belevi.

You can read more about Duo Tandem here: https://polyphonyarts.com/duo-tandem/

It’s wonderful to have you with us!


Polyphony Arts is delighted to be representing international organist Jennifer Bate!

An “esteemed wizard of the organ” (The Times), Jennifer stands as a major figure in the top rank of international organists. Her vast repertoire ranges from the 18th Century to the virtuoso writings of the present time. She has performed in nearly 50 countries across the globe, and numerous composers have written for her, inspired by her phenomenal technique and her ability to bring out the colours of the organ.  

Among her numerous achievements, Jennifer became Messiaen’s organist of choice, following her recording of the composer’s complete works at Beauvais Cathedral. The numerous awards for her recordings of Messaien’s works include the Diapason d’Or and Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik. Jennifer has a deep knowledge of the history of music; she lectures on a wide range of musical subjects at Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol Universities, and particularly enjoys  working with young people.

You can read more about Jennifer here: https://polyphonyarts.com/jennifer-bate/

A honour to have you with us, Jennifer!

Musicians: how does marketing yourself make you feel?

Do you know how to get the work you deserve? Are you confident finding performance opportunities, commissions, appropriate fees, good venues, recording contracts?

I’m Katie Beardsworth, director and founder of the Polyphony Arts agency representing a diverse client base of classical musicians, and I’m offering a bespoke online course – Become Your Own Agent – to help musicians like you acquire the skills and confidence to build a professional portfolio.

In four weeks, I will show you how the music industry works, teach you the best ways to promote yourself and your work, and provide advice on how to tackle the kind of challenges you will face such as fee discrepancies and imposter syndrome.

Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience as a professional musician, this is the course to help you achieve the career you aspire to and deserve.

The first course starts on 4 November, and there is a discount! Read more, and sign up:

Beardsworth Arts is becoming Polyphony Arts – and here’s why

Katie Beardsworth, founder of Polyphony Arts

Beardsworth Arts is becoming Polyphony Arts, and here’s why.

Polyphony is about voices blending together and separate parts making something bigger and more harmonious. Beardsworth Arts started as one idea and one voice in a busy industry. In just 18 months it has grown into something much bigger than ever we first thought, with many other weaving parts.

I love the polyphony analogy because musicians today experience complex, multi-faceted professional lives which need to combine with personal lives and family. Creating harmony from the various strands of life is something we all aspire to.

As our work develops, our core values have become clear:  we are all about clarity, inclusivity, flexibility, and making life and work be the best it can possibly be.

Polyphony and these complex, interweaving lines is a value. Here’s how we live it:

  1. We help musicians deliver, develop and market their projects and programmes, giving them the practical support they need to allow them to focus on their artistic work. This gives our artists the space for what interest them most, and allows them to see their work come to fruition in the best possible way.
  2. We specialise in planning and delivering classical music projects – festivals, concert series, organisational advice, and more – that are inclusive, accessible, sustainable in today’s arts climate, and bring audiences, musicians and communities together.
  3. We live and work by our values; I started the company in order to allow myself to pursue the work I find the most rewarding, in a way that gives me the best possible work/life balance with my young family. Our team is fully flexible, allowing the members of the team to have this work as part of their lives in the way that works best for them. As a talented team of musicians with multi-strand careers, we are experiencing the life and work challenges that our clients do, and this allows us to provide outstanding support to them.

Tell us your project and programme ideas, challenges and dreams, and Polyphony Arts will bring it together for you.

Bassoonist Fraser Gordon joins the NLCE

The New London Chamber Ensemble are delighted to welcome newest member Fraser Gordon!

Fraser initially studied violin at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and upon graduation returned to study bassoon, graduating with First Class Honours and being awarded the Peter Morrison Prize for Excellence. After several busy years freelancing in Scotland, he was appointed to his current post as Principal Contrabassoon of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 2011, serving on the Board of Directors for five years. He is a regular guest player with orchestras around the UK as well as participating in several recent projects with the World Orchestra for Peace. Fraser is a member of staff at the Royal Academy of Music and is an active musician in the RPO’s Community & Education programme: RPO Resound.

Fresh from a recent successful performance with the NLCE at the Big Malarkey Festival, Fraser says he is “looking forward to working with the group on their exciting future projects including newly commissioned works written especially for NLCE as well as getting to perform some gems from the existing wind chamber repertoire.”

Our remote team is growing! What do teams mean to you?

Graziana Presicce, newest member of the Beardsworth Arts team

Beardsworth Arts has a new member of the team!

I am delighted to welcome Graziana Presicce to the Beardsworth Arts team. Graziana is a pianist, on her way to a PhD in Performance at the University of Hull. We have worked together before, on concerts held at the university, and I am delighted that she will bring her expertise to Beardsworth Arts!

She joins Veronica Colyer, professional oboist and piano teacher, who was the first person to join the team, and has been working with Beardsworth Arts for a few months. You can read more about Veronica and Graziana here.

I thought I would take this opportunity to write a post about what it means to me to have a team.

Veronica Colyer, the first member of the Beardsworth Arts team

Running your own business from home is wonderful in many ways, but it can be a lonely thing to do, at times – you don’t get that offer of a cuppa, that person to complain to when your computer decides to do updates at the wrong moment, or something is taking longer than it should… you can miss out on the energy that is created by having conversations with other people that understand what you’re doing and how it is making you feel. It is one of the things I miss the most about working in an office.

With a remote team, you still don’t have that daily contact, but you do have a whole new source of energy, ideas and inspiration.

When my business grows enough for me to need a new member of my team, I feel enormously proud – working with people really contributes to my energy, and makes me feel like together we can achieve anything!

New clients also make me feel like this, and I am excited to be announcing more new clients soon! However, welcoming someone new into my team, building that working relationship and seeing them form part of my work and take on and develop their own role as part of my business is a very special thing for me, so I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Veronica and Graziana for their wonderful work and for being part of Beardsworth Arts!

Are you in a team? Office-based, or remote? What do you like most about your team?!

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