Welcome to Polyphony Arts

Classical music artist and project management, and career coaching for musicians. We are working for the future of classical music.

Welcome to Polyphony Arts. I’m Katie Manasse, and I’m passionate about creating a more inclusive, understanding and rewarding classical music industry. 

I founded Polyphony Arts in 2018 after a decade of arts management experience. My team and I offer artist management, project management, and executive coaching for creatives and arts organisations.

Listen to our podcast, Music Works, to get to know us and our take on the classical music industry. If you like what you hear, I’d love to work with you.

Polyphony is about separate parts blending together and making something bigger and more harmonious. Musicians today experience complex, multi-faceted professional lives which need to combine with personal lives and family. Polyphony Arts helps create harmony from the various strands of life – something we all aspire to.